Alynn Thompson


Las Vegas-Henderson

Windermere Prestige Properties

1401 N. Green Valley Pkwy Suite 200

Henderson, NV 89074

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Alynn Thompson is a certified property manager who earned her Real Estate license just over 10 years ago. She started in Real Estate with her partner at the time and primarily focused on rentals successfully placing over 275 renters in suitable rental homes.

She has had the opportunity to work on site in new home sales tracks in Boulder City and Las Vegas. She also earned her community management certificate and managed 3 mid and high rises in the Las Vegas Valley. She currently works on a successful property management team as a full service property manager with Marti Matthews here at Windermere Prestige Properties managing over 225 rental homes throughout the valley specializing in mid and high rise condominiums.

Her objective is to grow the property management business with honesty and professionalism.

She was born in Montana and has had the opportunity to live in Anchorage Alaska, the Florida Keys, Virginia and has traveled the world in her service while in the United States Coast Guard. She has obtained a degree in business as well as photography and has a passion for food.