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Windermere Real Estate is proud to be voted Best Place to Work by Vegas, INC. three years in a row!
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The Windermere Way

Windermere isn't for everyone. Interesting way to start wooing you, don't you agree? But we think it's important to start right out letting you know that we made a choice to be better, not bigger. So we may not be for you if you're looking to be with the biggest company, who has the shiniest business cards and flashiest television spots.

We've found that because we're very selective, everyone is happier. Most important, if you do choose a career with Windermere, we want the experience to be everything you hope for.

If you do join us, you will find that we are a collection of interesting, passionate, committed people who truly believe in building vibrant and livable communities.

Oh, there's one other thing we should point out to you...salespeople need not apply. Yes, selling is certainly part of what we do; but it is a small part of who we are. We choose to think of ourselves as advisors, advocates, experts, counselors, friends, neighbors and the occasional gadfly. We are relentless in the pursuit of helping people realize their dreams, which is a far more interesting and ultimately rewarding notion.


Our Truths

These Truths distinguish Windermere and are the foundation for our success.

  • We believe that people are more important than houses.
  • We always start with the clients point of view.
  • We solve people's needs while fulfilling their wants.
  • We know everything about our neighborhood and community.
  • We understand that a house isn't just a box where people do their living. (It is where memories are made and lives take place.)
  • We are citizen-agents and a central part of the fabric of our community.
  • We ease and guide the home buying and selling processes and transform the leap of faith to a step of faith.
  • We are facilitators, counselors, experts and hand holders, which is so much more than an agent.
  • We protect our clients by educating them and negotiating on their behalf.
  • We are entrepreneurs.
  • We are creating a cause which is way more than building a company.
  • We are creating vibrant, livable and humane communities.

Our ability to provide consumers with an incredible experience makes us a great real estate company.


Standards of Practice

The Windermere Standards of Practice embody the Company's commitment to the highest standard of service to clients. These are not abstract ideals; they are practical standards for the conduct of your business.

  • Seller and Buyer interests always come before self-interest.
  • Respect the limits of your own expertise. Before doing business outside your usual market area or area of expertise, always ask, What is best for this Buyer/Seller? and act accordingly.
  • Keep yourself fully informed as to the legal changes governing our business.
  • Respect Fair Housing Laws and provide equal professional service regardless of race, color, religion, sex or sexual orientation, familial status, handicap or national origin.
  • Respect Buyers and Sellers freedom to choose. Agents earn the privilege of representing Buyers or Sellers by providing quality service and by establishing and maintaining strong working relationships.
    • Educate Buyers and Sellers as fully as possible about agency relationships and how our business works. Professional working relationships are those which clients have chosen freely after being fully informed. Do not assume that potential clients understand how to work with an agent or the problems they can create by working with more than one; ask direct questions about possible relationships with other agents.
    • In the absence of a written agency agreement with Seller or Buyer, the clients choice of agent shall be respected.
    • It is in the interest of all agents to actively encourage and support client loyalty to agents.
    • Respect legitimate requests by Buyers or Sellers for termination of a working relationship, whether or not a written agreement exists.
  • Understand and observe the duties, obligations, privileges and limitations of your client relationships and those of other agents.
    • Respect all contractual relationships, listing agreements, purchase and sale agreements, buyer agency agreements and do not interfere with them directly or indirectly.
    • Communicate promptly and fully with all clients and potential clients, and with other agents.
    • When representing a Seller, always involve your manager in the review process when multiple offers include one prepared by you.
  • Treat all agents as equal colleagues.
    • Personal marketing materials should be positive in character, competing on your strengths, not on anothers weakness. Competitive claims should be factual and accurate.
    • Communicate. Mistakes and misunderstandings occur. When they do:
      • Recognize that all stories have two sides.
      • Communicate with the other agent(s) involved as quickly as possible.
      • Seek management assistance if you and the other agent(s) cannot resolve a dispute quickly.
      • Discuss disputes only with those directly involved.
      • Avoid involving Buyers or Sellers in any dispute.>
  • Respect Windermere's marketing materials, logo and sign standards and follow all guidelines for personal web sites. Doing so protects and enhances the image of every Windermere agent and the Company.
  • Actively encourage full compliance with the spirit of Windermere Standards of Practice by:
    • Leading by example.
    • Taking responsibility to maintain the Standards of Practice by involving our manager and cooperating in an open exploration of any alleged violations in a respectful manner.
    • When concrete evidence suggests wrongdoing without remorse, apology or restitution, pursue the issue using Windermere's Grievance Procedure in a timely manner.


Diversity and Family

A lot of the charm of Windermere and its culture, is that Windermere believes that life happens!

Whether it time for the kids to go to school and begin their extra-curricular activities or whether it is caring for an elderly parent, Windermere has always believed that family and living should be the center of any agents life, not real estate. Therefore, Windermere, does not and has not ever acknowledged agents based upon their production.

They acknowledge agents based upon their commitment to family and community. They acknowledge agents as citizen-agents. How committed are they to their communities? How much of their time and energy do they devote to charitable causes? How much of themselves do they give to others?

Windermere is also committed to diversity and the cultural awakening that it brings.

Located in the western states, Windermere can boast agents from many cultures and communities. The more diverse the slate of agents, the more diverse the attraction of clients. This brings depth, understanding, and a wide variety of lifestyles. All of which add to the depth and breadth of community.

Windermere . . . The Best Tools and Technology

Windermere has no competition when it comes to the level of technology that they employ in the day to day real estate business and provide for all Windermere agents to use. Agents use these tools for the sale of clients homes, they give the agents the ability to keep in touch with clients and potential clients and give agents the ability to create an ease of use that allows them to do more business and spend more time with clients, whether buyers or sellers.

Tools ranging from the simple e-mail to Windermere's paperless system to dynamic iPad CMA presentations, have been designed to make the processing of information easier and more efficient for the agents and their clients.


Windermere's Exclusive Marketing Programs

The ease with which agents can create and distribute flyers, postcards and community information to clients, farms, listings or social and philanthropic groups is astounding. An agent just logs into the Windermere worksite, orders their marking pieces and they are either mailed or delivered to them the next working day.

The quality of the marketing materials is unparalleled and helps the agents to create and maintain a truly professional demeaner not only with their clients, but with the public as well. Windermere consistantly provides seasonal, program specific and detailed information to agents for use in their yearly marketing program.

The consistency of the marketing products is outstanding. Windermere's marketing program provides well over 300 templates, as well as providing agents the ability to design their own postcards and flyers. Windermere is in the process of creating new branding which focuses on the individuals and the life that those individuals experience in their homes.


Commission Structure

Over the years, our citizen-agents have profited from The Windermere Way of doing business.

Some say that it's too expensive to work here at Windermere, even with what we have to offer. So we would like to show you how that statement is not true! We have one of the country's most versatile commission plans.

Our splits are generous, but once an agent has paid their annual split to Windermere, that agent can retain 100% of their commissions earned for the remainder of that anniversary year. Yes, you read correctly! Once Windermere has collected their annual split, the agent does not need to pay any additional splits for the rest of the year.

To find out more about The Windermere Way and our unique and unconventional way of doing real estate business, just give us a call for a confidential meeting. It's the call that could change your life.


What Our Agents Say

"I Choose Windermere:"

"I owned and brokered my own Residential Real Estate Brokerage for over 12 years. In 2008 I decided to merge my company with Windermere Prestige Properties. It has proven to be the best decision for me and my business. I found Windermere to share the same qualities and integrity that I strive to achieve and maintain. Honest, ethical and professional service...Exclusive, leading edge technology and tools... PLUS a commitment to giving back to our community

"Robyn, Dennis and all of the staff at Windermere Prestige Properties are a true pleasure to work with. I highly recommend my company to anyone who is looking for the same qualities in a brokerage.
- Christine McNaught, Premier Director for Windermere Prestige Properties

""I have always recommended customers choose their real estate agent and brokerage carefully. It is interesting upon my return to Southern Nevada that I found myself in the same position of making a very difficult choice of brokerage firm with which to associate. Then, I discovered Windermere and my difficult decision became an obvious choice.""
- Stephen Carns, Windermere Prestige Properties

"Windermere provides a platform to do business with integrity and give you the logical steps you need to perform highly technical functions. Honesty and integrity is what the Windermere Way is all about!"
- Billy Runyan, Windermere Prestige Properties



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