Programs & Services

At Windermere, we are about more than just "closing the sale." We are members of our community. We are resources for a way of life that is embodied in every client we serve. We are consumate real estate professionals. 

As a resource, our clients deserve the best in whatever services they need. The Programs & Services we are affliated with are chosen for their same desire to to provide clients with impecable service and quality. Whether you are looking to relocate, need home maintenance, just need some help, Windermere's affliated services is your starting place for more than just real estate.

Our Services:


Wherever life takes you, we will help make your transition easy.

​Whether you are moving away; or simply require assistance buying or selling a property outside our immediate market area, your outgoing needs are in the region’s most capable hands when you put our Relocation Department to work for you.

Around the world, the finest real estate firms are united under the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® banner, forming a global network that more people rely upon to buy and sell homes than any other real estate organization.

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Extraordinary homes require extraordinary service.

​Our Luxury Home programs were created to address the special needs of our clients in the high-end market. Since its creation, we've developed a reputation for our unparalleled expertise, expansive network of experienced agents and pioneering marketing strategies.

If you are looking to sell your luxury home or make an exclusive purchase, Windermere has the experience to make your next transaction extraordinary.

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Connecting you with the services you need.

​Windermere Real Estate sells the Vegas Valley's finest homes to our city's most affluent singles and families every day, homeowners who desire the utmost style, comfort and quality in their properties as well as every other aspect of life.

Windermere Client Connections was created in an effort to share with our customers many of the quality products and services found throughout the Las Vegas area that may complement their style of living.

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Piece of mind for the home owner in you

A home warranty is a service contract that covers repair or replacement on many home system components and appliances. In today’s economic climate, a home warranty can give homeowners coverage against many unexpected repair or replacement expenses. A home warranty pays for the repair or replacement of many home system components and appliances that break down due to normal wear and tear, potentially saving the homeowner from having to bare the costly expense alone to make the home whole again.

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Help when you need it most

Are you facing foreclosure? If so, what are your options? Are there alternatives to loosing your home and ruining your financial future? Windermere has implemented excellent tools to assist in our role as your representative by offering you an attorney backed Short Sale Processing Service, Distressed Property Consultants (DPC).

DPC is a services brokerage, specializing in outsourced opportunities for law firms and real estate brokers. In the greater Clark County market, DPC specifically works with Windermere, the Law Office of Angela Fonnesbeck, the Law Office of Elizabeth Zagajeski and the Law office of Walsh & Friedman to provide unparalleled services to distressed homeowners and real estate professionals in a short sale situation.

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Transitioning retirees to the next stage of life

For many people, there comes a time when the lifestyle that used to fit them so perfectly no longer does so, prompting them to find something more comfortable and better fitting. Windermere Real Estate delivers services that create value for our customers aged 65 and older. Our way is based on respect, empathy, compassion, and transparency.

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